New Union Party, Our Goal


Our Goal
The New Union Party
reprinted from the New Unionist, January 1996, page 2

Our Goal

The New Union Party seeks to bring the entire economy under the ownership and control of all the people. A democratic economy will provide useful and satisfying jobs for all workers. It will end production for profit and will produce to meet human needs. By eliminating the profit motive, it will end waste and pollution, and will make the conditions of work as safe, comfortable and gratifying as possible.

To achieve this new economic system, the workers need to unite in one rank-and-file controlled union. This includes those workers now in unions, and the presently unorganized workers. It includes white collar and professional employees, as well as factory workers and craftsmen. It includes the unemployed as well as employed workers.

New Unionism will work to end competition for jobs, and will promote cooperation among workers of all industries. It will enable the workers to protect their immediate interests against the employers.

In addition to organizing industrially, the workers will need a political party to spread the idea of social ownership, and to gain the support of the majority at the polls. When this is achieved, the workers will assume control of their workplaces, and manage them democratically through their New Unions. An elected Congress of delegates from each industry will plan and manage the national economy, and will replace the present political Congress as the nation's government.