Letter from Enrique Thunder Eagle


Letters to The People
The People
March 25, 1995
Vol. 104 No. 12

I'm writing this letter in appreciation for the material that you have kindly donated to the "Native American Spiritual Cultural Council" here at the Indiana State Prison.

We, the brothers that represent the many tribes, are trying to build an accurate library of Native American literature. This Native American library will contain such subjects as: Native American religion, culture, history, arts & crafts and traditional customs of the many tribes and nations that represent the United States. It will also contain audio-visual tapes and traditional musical cassette tapes. This library will represent the Native American way of life.

Your kind donation [ANCIENT SOCIETY and MONTEZUMA'S DINNER, both by Lewis Henry Morgan] was gratefully appreciated by everyone that represents our group. Your donation has put us one step further towards our goal of acquiring at least 600 books and magazines, etc.

Once again I wish to say thank you for your assistance, and for your kind donation. May many blessings come to you along your way.

Enrique Thunder Eagle

NASCC vice chairman

Michigan City, Ind.