Daniel De Leon - Fifteen Questions About Socialism - Question 2


Excerpt from the pamphlet
"Fifteen Questions About Socialism"
by Daniel De Leon (1914)


"Will each worker, skilled or unskilled, receive the same income?"


The answer to this was virtually given in the preceding question.

Answering the preceding question -- How will the Co-operative Commonwealth determine the income of each worker? -- it was established that the income of each worker would be determined by himself, inasmuch as his income would "total up to his share in the product of the collective labor of the Commonwealth, TO THE EXTENT OF HIS OWN EFFORTS," etc.

It follows that, so far as "income" is concerned, that will depend, not upon the category of the worker, or work done, -- whether "skilled" or "unskilled" -- but upon the rate of effort that the worker will have contributed towards the totality of the collective work done.

The income of the skilled worker, who loiters, will be less than the income of his unskilled fellow-worker who bestirs himself.