If.... -- a History Game


If.... -- a History Game
Reprinted from 'Industrial Worker', issue of December 1982

Newspaper of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) http://iww.org/

Suppose unions throughout the world were to set up a bureau to gather from their members, from statistics, and from knowledgable people of various sorts, information about the work typically done in various places, and about what part of that work might better be left undone, or replaced by work that would do working people more good.

Suppose these unions were to set up a modern data processing facility to use this information, and keep it updated, incorporating the consumer preferences of the workers in various regions, and the ecological considerations of folks who worry about the environment, and whatever other information was pertinent to rearranging the world's work for the general well-being.

Suppose it became widely known throughout the world that this fund of information existed, and that doing the world's work on the schedules it generated would make life better for all of us.

Suppose workers throughout the world reached an understanding that on some pre-set date they would quit doing what the capitalists told them to do, and instead make what these new schedules called for, and ship products -- none of them arms -- where they would do the most good.

Could rulers effectively tell the working class "no"?

Would the process of developing this information leave workers as they now are -- at the mercy of the employers?

Would the fear of war persist? Or would we at last have peace on earth and good will among its peoples?