Why Vote?



Reprinted from 'Industrial Worker', issue of April 1983, page 7

Note: This is a letter that appeared in the 'Readers' Soapbox' column, followed by the the editor's reply. -- M.L.


In the December issue of the IW, an article appeared titled "Polling Place Put Past Pickets". It said the UFCW took pickets away (from a struck store where a polling place had been set up) "so workers could enter to vote the rascals out".

I thought the IWW was anti-parliamentarian, against political struggle and the ballot -- Why not reprint articles from the past about wildcats and sitdowns, and not just unionization drives by unions which "mislead the workers"?

Morgan Miller


(Comment: The IWW leaves elections and religion up to its individual members. They can be Democrats, Republicans, socialists, vsgetarians, or what-have you, but must be committed not to scab on each other.)