To Build Peace: Re-Organize World's Work!


TO BUILD PEACE: Re-Organize World's Work!
Reprinted from 'Industrial Worker', issue of March 1983, page 1

Newspaper of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

Our best wishes to all plans to keep us from killing each other but we'd like to suggestt that the surest way is to reorganize the world's work to produce well-being instead of war.

When we produce steel and clothes and flour and arms, we are also producing history. That is how history gets made. If we want to make history different, we haye to do something different about the world's work.

We now do the world's work at the orders of a handful who keep us working eight hours or longer even though we can produce many times as much in eight hours as workers could a century ago when the eight-hour day got started. And we produce this mass of goods for so little pay that it clogs the markets.

When we demand better pay or shorter workdays, the ruling handful threaten that they will move the work to other countries. And there their branch offices or counterparts tell our fellow workers the same story.

To keep alive we need an understanding between the unions on all continents that they will resist being used against each other either to cut each other's wages or to bomb each other's kids. Suppose the labor movements in all countries were to set up a joint research project to figure out how best to use the resources of this planet and the abilities of the human race to provide a good living for all -- now and for generations to come. If this became a widely-watched activity of the world's labor movements, would war remain the dark prospect that it is today? We welcome your help in spreading such ideas.