IWW-SLP Joint Resolution to the International Socialist Congress, 1907


The IWW and SLP joint resolution to the International
Socialist Congress of 1907 was intended to impress upon
socialists of various countries the need for an alliance
between socialist politics and industrial unionism. The
Second International, under the control of capitalist
reformism, defeated the motion.
The two organizations ceased to collaborate in 1908 due to
IWW's removal of the political aspect from its industrial
union program, and the SLP's retention of the dual
political-industrial program.
- Comments by M. Lepore

Joint resolution of the Industrial Workers of the World and the Socialist Labor Party of America

Proposed to the International Socialist Congress, Stuttgart, 1907

Whereas, the integrally organized industrial organization of the working class is the present embryo of the Commonwealth of Labor, or Socialist Republic, and foreshadows the organic form of that Commonwealth, as well as its administrative powers;

Whereas, craft unionism, wherever capitalism has reached untrammeled full bloom, has approved itself what the plutocratic Wall Street Journal of New York hailed it, in hailing the Gompers-Mitchell American Federation of Labor, "the bulwark of capitalist society," that bred the officialdom which the American capitalist, Mark Hanna, designated as his "Labor Lieutenantship"; therefore be it

Resolved, 1. That "neutrality" toward trade unions, on the part of a political party of Socialism, is equivalent to "neutrality toward the machinations of the capitalist class";

2. That the bona fide, or revolutionary Socialist, movement needs the political as well as the economic organization of labor, the former for propaganda and warfare upon the civilized plane of the ballot; the latter as the only conceivable physical force with which to back up the ballot, without which force all ballot is moonshine, and which force is essential for the ultimate lock-out of the capitalist class;

3. That, without the political organization, the labor or Socialist movement could not reach its triumph; without the economic, the day of its triumph would be the day of its defeat. Without the economic organization, the movement would attract and breed the pure and simple politician, who would debauch and sell out the working class; without the political organization, the movement would attract and breed the agent provocateur, who would assassinate the movement.

Industrial Workers of the World

Socialist Labor Party (America)