A Familiar Capitalist Scenario

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A familiar capitalist scenario
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How to change the script
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A familiar capitalist scenario
This is an OCR scan a four-page leaflet
that was distributed in 1969 by the
Socialist Labor Party of America.

A familiar capitalist scenario












The scenario grows grimmer ...

Prior to 1939, the world trade struggle was mainly among capitalist nations. As such, it was fierce enough to trigger two global wars plus several smaller ones.

Since 1946, however, this war-breeding economic struggle has dangerously widened. It now includes two added contenders, Soviet Russia and "Communist" China.

These new-style bureaucratic imperialisms, like the capitalist imperialisms that oppose them, are the offspring of class rule and the exploitation of labor. They represent a systematic attempt by the Russian and Chinese bureaucrats to fortify their respective despotisms with external power bases.

The expansionist programs of the new contenders are inevitably interfering with capitalist America's drive for world empire. At the same time, they are also moving China and Russia closer and closer to a military collision with each other.


Meanwhile, the forces making for a third global war keep accumulating on every continent. Again competition for markets in which to unload goods that can't be sold at home is intensifying to the explosion point.

Thus mankind's survival is being threatened from a number of directions. There is the dread possibility of a calculated nuclear showdown between the three imperialist giants. There is the virtual certainty that a sharpening conflict of commercial interests will once more turn capitalist rivals such as West Germany and Japan into mortal enemies of U.S. capitalism. And there is the peril that doomsday may be the "accidental" result of local strife in some strategically important region.

True, the world situation is further aggravated by a variety of historic animosities. But the most potent (and by itself quite sufficient) factor behind the threat of annihilation facing humanity is the exploitation of labor. In capitalist America, above all, technological advances have stepped up this exploitation, to a degree where only the enormous bites in the national output taken by war and related spending has prevented a glut of goods and economic collapse from happening long ago.

How to change the script...

Unite politically to vote down capitalist ownership of industry

Unite industrially to take social possession of America's economy

Elect an industrial government to manage production for social use

THE CAPITALIST FEW who yearly wring immense profits out of American labor are plainly ready to risk a war of extinction in order to go on doing so. In fact, they are on record as "preparing forces adequate to fight simultaneously a major war in Europe and another in Asia, plus a small-scale engagement in the Caribbean." (New York Times Aug. 27, 1969.)

If additional proof were needed that they and their criminally outworn system must be replaced, this is surely it! And the great worker majority of the United States is fully capable of doing the replacing -- peacefully and democratically.

IN THE FIRST PLACE, the American Constitution accords the majority the right to make fundamental changes in this country's institutions that are deemed necessary for the people's future safety and happiness. The ballot is the democratic means of exercising this revolutionary right.

IN THE SECOND PLACE, the overwhelming majority, the workers, who run the nation's industries and services, have a potentially irresistible economic power with which to enforce their majority decision taken at the polls. Properly organized, they can take, hold and operate the industries and services for all society. The change needed to ensure our future safety and happiness is one that will end all human exploitation and permit every worker to enjoy the full product of his labor. To achieve this, the entire economy must become social property and be democratically administered for our collective benefit.

THE DEMOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION of America's complex economy will require a completely new form of government, a government composed of representatives elected from industrial constituencies. In Socialist society, the citizens will have a voice and vote where they work and will thereby retain constant control over those they choose to plan and manage the nation's economic activities. Workers of America, use your ballot to abolish capitalism and establish Socialism! Unite industrially in a Socialist Industrial Union, the power that will enable you to peacefully enforce your mandate for Socialism!