Disruption - quotations from Daniel De Leon and Arnold Petersen


these are the quotations that accompany
the illustration entitled "Disruption"
in the pamphlet
Arnold Petersen, _Capital and Labor_, 1939, reprint of 1965, page 75

"While the natural, or normal, impulse and driving principle inherent in the workers' status and conditions are toward working class unity, the prevailing capitalist interests, and the interests, in general, of reaction, tend to split the workers, and sunder them into innumerable separate groups or fractions."

-- A.P.

"The capitalist class knows no country and no race, and any 'God' suits it so that "God" approve of the exploitation of the worker. Despite all seeming wranglings, sometimes even wars, among them, the capitalist class is international, and presents a united front against the working class. But for that very reason the capitalist class is interested in keeping the workingmen divided among themselves. Hence it foments race and religious animosities that come down from the past."

-- Daniel De Leon.