De Leonist Society of Canada, reply to Frank Girard


De Leonist Society of Canada
reply to Frank Girard
on the subject of labor time vouchers
reprinted from the Discussion Bulletin
March-April 2002 #112, page 25


In his Comment on our submission Exploring the Gotha Program (DB110), Frank Girard says: "What the DLSC seems to be saying Is that humanity has been-so corrupted by capitalism that it will not be able to function in a socialist society."

"Seems to be saying"? Nonsense! If Girard will take time to reread our article he will discover that what we actually said was as follows: "In our various submissions to the DISCUSSION BULLETIN we have repeatedly emphasized the moral depravity of the capitalist class and its lackeys as constituting a prime reason- for the imposition of Labor Time Vouchers during Socialism's first phase."

Bulletin readers will be aware that we have been debating the Labor Time Voucher issue with Frank Girard over a period of several years. Now, however, Girard serves effective notice that he is withdrawing from this debate. He does so by setting up a straw-man premise to replace the LTV premise -- a diversionary premise and one that we did not agree to debate.

Under these circumstances, while we remain convinced that LTVs are crucial for socialist victory, we can only conclude that any further effort of ours to convince Girard of their importance would be counterproductive.