Alan Kerr reply to Frank Girard about labor time vouchers


Alan Kerr
Reply to Frank Girard
on the subject of labor time vouchers
reprinted from the Discussion Bulletin
Nov-Dec 2001 #110, pages 27

Dear Frank,

In Discussion Bulletin 109 page 17 you comment that Labour Time Vouchers are nonsense. Still, no one should see your comment as inflexible ("Holy Writ") as you also say they (LTVs), "would have to be used," if only in the 19th century conditions. Your reason is straightforward. You feel LTVs, would have to be used to help overcome scarcity. You expect no problem of scarcity. No need for LTVs.

Let's see if I understand you.

Let the capitalist class pour enough resources down the drain, and you'd say the working class taking control, would need LTVs? LTVs, or something like them, would have to be used, to insure against hunger-scarcity? In this struggle -- class war -- to regain control of production, and of our own products, you wouldn't tie our hands against using any means, political or industrial, just so long as it becomes necessary, would you Frank? I hope not.

One last point: We could look at administration difficulties, dangers and how to avoid them. Each improvement in computing will help out- But of course one thing is clear. You cannot do without admin[istration]. Society will have to know what it needs and in what proportions. Will have to apportion its labour time accurately, between different kinds of work. Will need to know what labour time definite amounts of the various produce costs.

Only through organised production, at last, is exploitation ended, the worker in control of production. That sure control is the big advantage over production for sale. That's why LTVs i.e. "Labour Money" is not money, cannot turn into money.

Alan Kerr

For The Anti-Exploitation Society
13 Huntings Farm Green Lane,
Ilford England IGI I YE