Letter from Harry Banks


Letter by Harry Banks, Dec. 15, 1993
to the De Leonist Society of Canada
Mar.-Apr. 1995


In the first issue of The De Leonist Review we advised readers that The De Leonist Society of Canada had adopted a changed position and program, one that incorporates both political and industrial democracy in socialist government. That issue also reproduced our position paper of the above title and noted that, as space permits, we would subsequently reproduce the debates that followed. Accordingly, what follows is an exchange between our society and Harry Banks of The De Leonist Society of the U.S.


Dec. 15-93

To The De Leonist Society of Canada

Comrade Shand and Sanderson:

This is responding to your thesis on Political Democracy in a classless society. Stop dreaming!

De Leon is very clear and precise on that question, quoting from "Socialist Reconstruction of Society" page 45,

"The Political movement of labor, that, in the event of triumph, would prolong its existence a second after triumph would be a usurpation. It would be either a usurpation or the signal for a social catastrophe. On the other hand if the political triumph does find the working class industrially organized, then for the political movement to prolong its existence would be to attempt to usurp the powers which its very triumph announces have devolved upon the central administration of the industrial organization."

Your criticism of the use of the word "people" by De Leon and making an issue of it is ludicrous!

The main criticism of your "Thesis" is the fact that you made an unforgiving error for getting, and using the definition of the word "Political" in Websters Dictionary.

Would you also use a definition of "Surplus Value" in Websters Dictionary?

Would you not be better informed if you read about the meaning of the word Political, in "Ancient Society" by Lewis H. Morgan LL.D.??

The final error in your "Thesis" is the shattering thought, of Political Democracy in a Classless Society, and the origin of these misconceptions is the unscientific definition of the word Political.


(Signed) Harry Banks