Robotics Under Socialism


Robotics Under Socialism
Published by the De Leonist Society of Canada

Robotics can be a blessing.

It can greatly increase our productivity. It can eliminate unpleasant, boring and dangerous work. It can result in immense improvements in mankind's material and cultural welfare.

It can do all this, and more, without imposing the horrors of economic distress on millions of workers and their families. But it can do all these things only if the workers of America accomplish a Socialist reconstruction of society.

Only under Socialism can robotics fulfill its promise of abundance for all with a minimum of labor. Only under Socialism can robotics be introduced without causing a single worker to suffer economic distress.

In fact, under Socialism, robotics will be installed as rapidly as it is developed. But, instead of throwing workers onto a scrap heap, as happens today, the new machines will make possible a general reduction in working hours. All will then benefit from robotics, both in the greater abundance that will be available, and in the enjoyment of increased leisure.

Robotics will be a curse to labor as long as the means of social production are privately owned, and production is carried on for sale and profit.

But when this outmoded contradiction-ridden capitalist system is abolished, when the industries are socially owned and democratically administered, and when production is carried on to satisfy human needs -- that is, when Socialism is established -- robotics will be a blessing for everyone.