Daniel DeLeon Election Committee - COCOB (Caucus Opposed to Candidates On the Ballot)

COCOB (Caucus Opposed to Candidates On the Ballot)
This is the text of a leaflet that was distributed
in the 1990s by Daniel DeLeon Election Committee.
The exact date of mailing is unknown.


Can we make a peaceful revolution without it being ruined by a communist or a socialist political party? We think so.

But in order to safeguard against incipient bureaucracy, we must insure that we do not find ourselves in a position to take the reins of government. That means absolutely no candidates on ballots - local, state and federal.

However, political activity is fundamental for peaceful change. That's why we encourage all revolutionaries to join a Caucus Opposed to Candidates On the Ballot in their party and/or union.

Although off the ballot, a revolutionary can still declare himself a candidate and conduct a campaign.

Even a church, college, naval base, grocery store or major employer could present a candidate and contest elections this way.

Think about it.

Daniel DeLeon Election Committee

P.O. Box 3744

Grand Rapids, MI 49501-3744


The following photocopied handwritten note was enclosed with the leaflet mailing.


The idea for the enclosed new leaflet came form our brochure "An Introduction to the Daniel DeLeon Election Committee." All the DeLeonist organizations that we now of -- which includes the Socialist Labor Party, the New Union Party, The DeLeonist Society, the Industrial Union Party and the Committee for a Socialst Union -- advocate the election of DeLeonist candidates to publi coffice in capitalist governments. As stated in our brochure, we disagree with that traditional DeLeonist tactic of "capturing politicla government in order to dismantle it." Their way is too risky and not really necessary.