Daniel DeLeon Election Committee - Vietnam Lesson

This is the text of a leaflet that was distributed
in the 1990s by Daniel DeLeon Election Committee


Do you remember the massive demonstrations to end the war in Vietnam? Well, they did not end the war as most people believe. The war came to an end because it was endangering the capitalist economy. Government war spending was causing high inflation.

Since Vietnam there has been Grenada and the Gulf, little conflicts that did not affect the economy much. But the end of the Cold War means that the ruling classes of the world see the need for a global hot war III. Without nuclear weapons, they think. A war that doesn't destroy the economy, they hope.

Capitalism means war. So we must not be fooled again by preachers and Bolsheviks. No more protest demonstrations in the streets. Instead, we must organize industrially according to the strategy of Daniel DeLeon, if peace is to be everlasting.

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