Daniel DeLeon Election Committee - On Strike or Retreat

Daniel DeLeon Election Committee
Below is the text of a DDEC leaflet entitled
"On Strike" or Retreat.
Following that is the text of a photocopied handwritten
note enclosed with this and additional leaflets.
This mailing was postmarked at Grand Rapids, MI
on Feb. 3, 1997.


As employees we are constantly struggling to keep up. And "going out" on strike is the most publicized evidence of this. Militants emphasize that when everything else fails we must use the strike weapon.

But running away is not the same as attacking.

Could it be that those brave, aggressive strikers holding their signs up and marching around in circles outside the factory gate are simply goofballs? Their strike as funny as a quarterback passing the football to one of several undefended receivers dashing for the opposing team's end zone? To some maybe.

But to working people a strike is a serious undertaking.

Nevertheless, and make no mistake about it, when workers retreat to their picket lines after a strike has been called, the opposing side (in secret) cheerfully makes the signal for touchdown. They know that backward is not forward.

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