An Introduction to the Daniel DeLeon Election Committee

This is the text of a leaflet that was distributed by
the DDEC in 1987. It is a transcription of an address
that was delivered by Thomas E. Girard


A good introduction to the Daniel DeLeon Election Committee requires an explanation for our existence as an independent socialist organization.

The Daniel DeLeon Election Committee holds the view that ideally in our present society there should be two political parties in America. One for the continued maintenance of capitalism and the other for the construction of a new society that we call Socialism.

We should make it perfectly clear right here at the beginning that anybody that positively knows anything about Socialism, in most cases, is a member of the Socialist Labor Party.

For almost 100 years in America the Socialist Labor Party has been the political party of Socialism. The Socialist Labor Party (SLP) and its newspaper The People is still with us 1n Palo Alto, California 94303, 914 Industrial Ave., But it is very small and has virtually konked out as a practicing political party at election time.

It is hard to believe that when Daniel DeLeon went to Boston in 1896 to deliver one of his famous speeches (Reform or Revolution) there were 6000 SLP members in the New York City area, according to DeLeon In his speech. Today there might be a half of a dozen.

The Daniel DeLeon Election Committee is convinced that the demise of the SLP is the workings of the massive totalitarian nature of the capitalist system. George Orwell aside, this attests to Daniel DeLeon's much earlier and most notable warning: That if working people do not achieve their emancipation, they shall become totally subjugated.

We hold that in the past the more powerful section of the capitalist class has nurtured the SLP to a degree because they (the capitalists) believed in their twisted, criminal minds that once an individual fully understood Socialism, he would reject it. Now it appears to them that they are in total control of society and it's safe to induce their pet SLP to wither away, perhaps, for all time.

We feel that our method of educating the working class at election time to the historical greatness of Daniel DeLeon is a more important endeavor for a revolutionary organization in 1987. Trade unions and reform are still the two capitalist devices that are most effective in keeping the free enterprise system safe from socialist revolution. Daniel DeLeon's experience at the turn of the century in combatting those two destructive tendencies is vital knowledge for socialists in 1987.

But the most important feature of the Daniel DeLeon Election Committee is that there can be no fear that the capitalist class would "revitalize" our organization as they could the Socialist Labor Party for a temporary or permanent takeover of the country in time of crisis.

The Socialist Labor Party makes no secret that when it runs candidates for political office it does so for the purpose of dismantling the political state. We believe that in theory that is a good idea. When SLP candidates are elected to office the capitalists would be powerless to oppose Socialism as it begins to function in the industries. It would achieve a non-violent revolution through the democratic process. But the capitalists are not fools. They know what the Socialist Labor Party intends to do. And they have been very effective in crushing the socialist movement (the SLP) in America. In fact, the Daniel DeLeon Election Committee has doubts that the Socialist Labor Party is now in control by genuine DeLeonists. It appears that the capitalist struggle to subdue the organization began to flare-up about 1967 and culminated when the old guard SLP kangarooed and formed the DeLeonist Society (P.O. Box 22055, San Francisco, California 94122) sometime in the early 1980's.

However, because it can be argued too that before they left the Socialist Labor Party, the old guard SLP (now the DeLeonist Society) reluctantly expelled a record amount of anti-DeLeonists and because none of those renegades have rejoined the Socialist Labor Party while most instead have fallen into groups which are represented by magazines that are published in Grand Rapids, Minneapolis, St. Louis,and New York, the indication could be that the SLP is pure and simple as it always has been and that the DeLeonist Society are a few faint hearts not fit for the fighting Socialist Labor Party.

But we would prefer to believe and could go on presenting evidence that the SLP is now some sort of a Bolshevik party that pays lip service to DeLeonist ideas. However, it really doesn't matter if it is or if it isn't. Because the organization has become so dilapidated that, as puny as it is, even if it was solidly DeLeonist as some would argue, it still would be easy pickings for totalitarian domination in the interests of the American capitalist class.

The Daniel DeLeon Election Committee is convinced that a few "progressive" capitalists realize that the bogus socialist and communist parties and groups are only good for giving workers wrong ideas about Socialism. We are convinced that in a really revolutionary crisis they will instruct their agents to abandon the Democratic and Republican Parties, the phony socialist and communist organizations and the universities, and, along with the "stars" in Hollywood, network television (especially newscasters) and organized religion will "drop down" as DeLeon put it from their ruling class status into the Socialist Labor Party. Once in the SLP those people will swear on a stack of DeLeonist pamphlets that if elected to political office they will quit their lackey jobs and become useful and productive members of a socialist society. They will run for and be elected to political office. And guess what happens next? Read A Socialist in Congress by DeLeon, if you don't already know.

At first you may resent or disbelieve this capitalist utilization of the Socialist Labor Party. You may say that Lenin didn't do it that way. But the Daniel DeLeon Election Committee must remind you that there was no SLP in Russia in 1917 to oppose Lenin and the capitalists. The threat of DeLeonism was easily aborted with Lenin's pamphlet Genuine Socialism: A Psychological Disorder.

The Daniel DeLeon Election Committee is convinced that the more Intelligent members of the ruling class are aware that the allegedly opposing reform policies of the Democratic and Republican Parties are disastrous. Therefore we believe that a totalitarian takeover is imminent. And we believe that they will opt for the more popular takeover: Social Democrat or Bolshevik (Leninist). Just before election time 1986, they were testing an outfit in Michigan called Workers League. In 1984 the Socialist Labor Party with a mere 6000 votes gladly announced their success over their avowedly Bolshevik rival in the New Jersey senatorial election.

Unlike the SLP, the Daniel DeLeon Election Committee has no intentions of running candidates for political office. Our work amounts to an advertizing campaign promoting the writings and speeches of Daniel DeLeon. We think that they are essential reading for a genuine socialist revolution in America. We pass out leaflets that have a headline that reads in part "Vote for Daniel DeLeon" and a message that capitalism must be replaced with Socialism.

To some we realize that this introduction to the Daniel DeLeon Election Committee appears groping. But we are seeking an Identity that must do something that has not been done before, i.e., justify our existence apart from the Socialist Labor Party. This has been done in this brief introduction. It might be helpful to read the 'political action versus parliamentary action' debate in the fourth letter of DeLeon's pamphlet As to Politics.

The Daniel DeLeon Election Committee is not a political party. It's not an economic organization, i.e., an industrial union. And it certainly is not a military organization. We are a socialist organization that is right for these worst of times. And we know that we shall be successful . To be sure, we are in an embryonic stage. But we have been well conceived. And thus, we are not blind social forces. We encourage you to work with us.

In the summer of 1988 we shall hold a meeting called the Pizarro Conference. Here we shall show and discuss our work further.



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On March 18, 1987, John C. Calhoun's 205th birthday, this introduction was first delivered at the V.A. Medical Center in Fort Custer near Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan by the founder of the DDEC: Thomas E. Girard.