Correspondences responding to Albert Einstein, Why Socialism?


Comments by the web site editor

The structure of this material is confusing. A chronology may help to clarify it.

1. The May 1949 issue (the first issue) of the journal Monthly Review : An Independent Socialist Magazine published the article Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein.

2. The December 1949 issue of the Weekly People published an open letter addressed to Einstein by SLP member Stephen Emery.

3. Somewhere around 1949 or 1950, an SLP leaflet reprinted the letter by Stephen Emery, and added a general outline of the SLP goal and program.

4. The January-February 1996 issue of the journal Discussion Bulletin published a short comment by DB editor Frank Girard, followed by a facsimile of the Einstein article and a facsimile of the SLP leaflet.

5. The July-August 1996 issue of The De Leonist Review, newsletter of the De Leonist Society of Canada, published introductory comments, followed by a fascimile of the entire section of the Discussion Bulletin (with facsimiles of the facsimiles). That was followed by the text of a new letter by the De Leonist Society, addressed to the Discussion Bulletin, offering criticism of the SLP position on the political state that was expressed in the SLP leaflet.