The Socialist Trade and Labor Alliance


The People
December 23, 1995
Vol. 105 No. 17



The expulsion by DA 49 of the bogus general officers in Washington, together with its call to all other bona fide K of L and progressive labor organizations to join it in setting on foot a central and national trade and labor body built upon the lines of international socialism, bore speedy and excellent fruit.

The committee appointed by the district met in joint conference with the joint executive boards of the New York Central Labor Federation, the Brooklyn Socialist Labor Federation, the United Hebrew Trades and the Newark Central Labor Federation, and there drew the rough outlines of the mechanism of [the] national body that, on the economic field, shall stand towards the corruptionists of the fake K of L, on the one hand, and the played-out scarecrow of the AFL, on the other, in the same uncompromising attitude as the SLP stands in the political field towards all the parties of capital -- and the name proposed is the Socialist Trade and Labor Alliance.

The times are ripe for the industrial organization of the workers upon the lines of intelligence and honor. Too long have they been deceived with bluff and bluster, and carried on their backs a set of ignoramuses and corruptionists as their leaders.

We shall await with anxiety the manifesto which the new organization promises to issue, and feel safe in the expectation that it will answer the requirements of the occasion.