How would a real socialist society prevent a new bureaucracy from taking over?


Common Objections to Socialism Answered:
from The People, October 5, 1991, pages 1, 6.

How would a real socialist society prevent a new bureaucracy from taking over?


For one thing, the whole process by which socialism must be established would act against such a development. Socialism can only be established by a classconscious, organized majority of the working class. It can only be built by workers who understand the need to prevent any individual or group from gaining the power to control production or distribution. Socialism would be governed by active organizations of workers, educated by the class struggle and determined to keep economic power in the only safe place for it to reside-in the collective hands of all.

Second, the structure of a socialist society would preclude a bureaucratic takeover. Control of society's economic resources would be in the collective hands of the working class, organized into industrially based unions. All persons elected to serve in the councils governing each industry, and in the all-industry congress in charge of administering the economy as a whole, would be responsible only for performing designated administrative tasks. They would have no bureaucratic power to dictate production or distribution goals toward their own individual enrichment. Voting where they work, workers themselves would determine the general goals of social production, based on their own needs and wants. Distribution would be based on the objective standard of the labor time contributed by each worker.

Socialism's elected administrators would carry out the largely mathematical task of determining which facilities are to produce how much in order to meet the socially determined production goals. These administrators would be compensated on the basis of their labor time, like any other worker. They would have no special privileges nor any power to possess means of production and exploit others. And they would be subject to the control, and to the power of immediate recall, of the union body that elected them.

They would have no opportunity to become bureaucratic rulers even if they wanted to. And once a society of security and abundance for all is established, the motivation to even want to be become a bureaucratic ruler would soon be destroyed.